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Jeff & Janet Sampson

Live Oak, Fl 32060


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Question and Answer Page

  •  As natural as we can with out giving up personal care that keeps our livestock and land healthy. 

  • During the summer months the entire herd; cows and calves are out on of Native grass pastures, wooded areas with lush vegetation.

  • During the winter months the herd is grazing cover crops and supplemented with our own baled hay.

  • We Raise Angus Cattle and Kahtadin Meat Sheep.

  • We only market livestock that are born and raised on our farm.

  • We only use Processors that are certified Animal Humane Approved Facility.

  • You can purchase certified beef for your freezer by the Quarter, Half or Whole as custom exempt sales.

  • You can purchase individual cuts of certified beef under our Feed Master permit marked not for human consumption.

  • You can purchase certified lamb by the whole as custom exempt sales

  • You can purchase individual cuts of certified lamb under our Feed Master permit marked not for human consumption


  • When you are ready to reserve a steer and place your order a deposit is required.

  • At harvest time we will deliver your steer to the AWA processor.

  • Beef will hang in the cooler for 10-12 days, Lamb hang 1-2 days.

  • Whole and Half orders will have the chance to create a custom cut list with the processor.

  • Cuts are vacuum sealed and marked by processor

  • Orders will be picked up from processor by customer

  • Please contact us for other pick up options.

  • When buying as a direct consumer, whole, half or quarters, under the custom exempt law, our cows are sold as live weight. Weight determined by the processors certified scales.

  • We prefer to process steers around  950 - 1050 lbs. This assures that your whole order will fit into a family size freezer.

  • The final freezer weight after processing will be approximately 25-30% less than the hanging weight, due to shrinkage from hanging, boning, trimming, etc. This chart is an estimate:


weight hang weight 60% loss freezer whole 67% loss half quarter
900 540 362 181 90
920 552 370 185 92
940 564 367 183 92
960 576 386 193 96
980 588 394 197 98
1000 600 402 201 101
1020 612 410 205 103
1040 624 418 209 105



  • A quarter of a cow is actually a split half; meaning that each quarter will receive equal parts of the half side of a cow from the front and the back.

  • Each quarter will contain the exact same number of steaks, roasts, hamburger, etc. 

  • The beef cuts will vary though a common mixture will include:

Average Quarter will give you around 95 - 100 lbs:

12-14 Ribeye, Delmonico
10-12 T Bones or New York Strips (
6 Sirloins
4 Filets
3 Sirloin Tip Roasts
2 - 3 chuck roasts
1/2 Brisket
5 - 6 lbs of cube steaks
4 lbs of stew meat
35 - 40 lbs of hamburger 90/10
short ribs
marrow bones
Soup bones

  • Approximately every 35 lbs of meat will require 1 cubic ft.

  • A quarter of beef usually fits in the freezer section of a conventional refrigerator if it is completely empty.

  • A whole beef needs 10 cubic feet of freezer space.

  • Many people buy quarters and split with friends. 


Q:  How much meat will my family need?

  • A average family of four will be content for a year with 1 whole beef.

  • Since we vaccum wrap our meat, it will keep well for 1 year in a good, cold freezer.



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